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    Coming to Lotusphere 2010? Meet The Grumpies!

    Bob Balaban  December 16 2009 08:02:14 AM
    Greetings Geeks!

    If you will be attending Lotusphere 2010 (January 17-21), make sure to come by the session I am pressenting with Paul Mooney:

    BP201           Meet “The Grumpies”: Eschew Obfuscation!  
    Wednesday, 8:30am, Dolphin Northern A-C
    Who are they? They’re a group of very, very experienced Notes/Domino Admins and Developers, who love the product, warts and all, and know it very, very well. Speakers Balaban (dev) and Mooney (admin) will debate tactics, techniques, testing and best practices in general, and they will welcome a few special guests to do the same. Much of this session will be open Q&A, but don’t ask for an opinion unless you want an honest (and maybe grumpy) answer! You will learn to recite The Grumpies’ motto: “Be positive when possible, be  grumpy when necessary.”

    We'll also be graced by the presence of a couple of "guest Grumpies". You'll hear about what we like, and what makes us grumpy. You'll have a chance to ask lots of questions and maybe even rant on a bit about what makes you grumpy. Hope to see you there.

    Geek ya later!