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      "Employee of the Quarter" (not)

      Bob Balaban  December 27 2013 03:08:49 PM
      Greetings, geeks!

      This one is not a technical topic, so feel free to move on. If you are my current (or potential future) employer, you should also probably move on at this point.

      In my work email today, I received a shotgun message announcing the current "Employee of the Quarter". The lucky designee receives preferential parking (near the building entrance) for 3 months. There was a long-ish description of how great the EotQ is, and why they were selected for this honor.

      Not to take away from someone who is obviously (from the email description) a very hard worker, get-it-done type of person, but I got to thinking in general about honors like this.

      So here, for anyone who's interested, is my list of reasons "Why I Will Never Be Employee of the Quarter", a fact to which I am entirely reconciled. The language of my list is taken from the award email:

      I do not give 110% (arithmetically impossible).
      I do not work tirelessly (I sometimes get tired).
      I do not go above and beyond every day (once in a while, maybe, but see previous comment about getting tired).
      I am not often viewed as exemplary by managers (I probably argue with them too much)

      So there you have it. There are probably more reasons than I've given, but I stopped thinking about it after these 4. Maybe my Geek pals can supply some more (about me, or about themselves...)

      Geek ya later!

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