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    My Lotusphere08 session

    Bob Balaban  November 22 2007 05:23:13 PM
    I will be co-presenting one session at Sphere08 (I think this is the first time I've been a speaker at Lotusphere where I've only done 1!) with my colleague Philippe Riand:

    AD302: IBM Lotus Domino Web Server Application Development Directions
    What's happening with the Lotus Domino Web application platform beyond release 8? Come to this session to learn about our plans for updating familiar services such as HTML rendering and our J2EE container. You'll also hear about some plans for new server functionality that will make your Lotus Domino-based Web apps more AJAX-friendly, stylesheet-friendly, mashup-friendly -- and better looking, too!

    I will also be spending a bunch of time in the "Meet the Developers" lab, so come on by and chat.

    1Jesper Kiaer  11/27/2007 3:20:27 AM  My Lotusphere08 session

    Hi Bob

    I'm really looking forward to hear your LP presentation (and hopefully meet you in the lab).

    brgds Jesper Kiaer

    { Link }

    2Patrick Kwinten  11/27/2007 3:38:05 AM  My Lotusphere08 session

    good luck! there needs to be done A LOT to make Domino/Notes one of the most flexibel, robust, handy, smart web server system available...

    3Nick Radov  12/04/2007 2:17:30 AM  My Lotusphere08 session

    I definitely plan to attend this session (already checked it off as one of my planned sessions on the survey the organizers sent).

    What we really need is not improvements in the Domino web server and J2EE container, but rather reusable components that will help us integrate Domino with standard J2EE application servers such as WebSphere. We're gradually porting pieces of our existing Domino web application over to WAS as we need to add major new features. It would be great if IBM could provide us JSF components for rendering Domino forms, views, outlines, etc. that could be plugged into JSF pages rendered by WAS. That would give us the best of both worlds.

    In summary, for IBM to devote a lot more effort to improving web development just in Domino seems like a waste in the long run. Better to find ways to leverage the strengths of WAS, and focus Domino development resources on improving the core database and messaging features where Domino really shines.