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    Obscure (Rob says that works as a title)! In Which A Certain Food Fight is Explained

    Bob Balaban  January 29 2008 08:35:53 PM
    Greetings, Geeks!!

    Well, like many of you, I'm recently back from Lotusphere08, relatively rested, and with the usual new collection of t-shirts and schwag. Hey, did any of you like the buttons I handed out? I got lots of compliments from Lotus management (one VP asked why I hadn't done it as an official project so I could expense it. The answer -- because then it wouldn't have been as good or as much fun. It was worth having to pay for the whole thing to be able to do it just the way I wanted).

    Unlike many of you (I assume, anyway) I came back from Lotusphere with a new job. That's right, as of January 29, I have resigned my position at IBM. My new job is Vice President of R & D at Binary Tree. I'm real excited about jumping in to a great company that I'm already familiar with (they were one of my first customers back in 1997/98 when I left Iris the first time, and started Looseleaf Software). My last day as an IBM employee will be Friday, Feb. 8

    I feel totally comfortable about the change, I'm happy that I'll still be part of the Lotus community, and I'm really looking forward to throwing my weight around as an executive, and getting to tell people what to do (ok, kidding about that part).

    I intend to keep this blog running, though of course the focus will change a little.

    So, many of you will be wondering what's happening at IBM, who's running the AppDev stuff now, whether the LSX Toolkit will still ship, and who's going to ask the first question at Ask the Developers at Lotusphere09. Not being omniscient, I cannot provide reliable answers to all of these questions, but here's my best shot: at a little FAQ:

    Q: Who is taking over your AppDev Architect position at Lotus?

    A: I don't know yet, but if/when I find out I'll post an announcement (if I am given permission to do so, of course)

    Q: Does this mean that the LSX Toolkit is not going to ship after all?

    A: I sure hope it doesn't mean that. The thing is really very, very close to being ready to go. All it needs is a final legal clearance to go to interested Design Partners, and some QE. As I said at Lotusphere, I really do expect it to be generally available by the time Notes/Domino 8.5 ships, or possibly even sooner.

    Q: So who will be asking the first question at Meet the Developers/Lotusphere09?

    A: With any luck at all, it will be me! Binary Tree almost always participates in the Lotusphere showcase (and in fact BT was a Lotusphere sponsor this year), and I intend to submit some abstracts, and hope to be selected as a speaker.

    Q: If you get to ask the first question, what will it be?

    A: That would be telling! I have some ideas, but I think it's way too early to say.

    Q: What the heck is the story with that "food fight" over on
    Rocky's blog?
    A: Ah. Yes, well. Ok, time to come clean: The whole thing was a gag that Rocky and I cooked up (some other people were in on it too, but it was essentially my idea). We thought it would be funny to replay the post on Volker's blog that started a whole foofurraw, except this time about me (though nobody was to know it was me). It was all fake, including some of the stronger comments posted by me and some others. I have to admit that, for me, the result wasn't as funny as I'd hoped it would be, though it was amusing. But, it went on long enough (all day yesterday and into the night), and now it's time that it stopped. I suspect there are lessons to be learned by all from this. If anyone was hurt or offended, I deeply apologize.

    Q: So, Rocky really isn't a jerk?

    A: No! Of course not! Rocky is a totally forthright, honest, stand-up sort of guy, as anyone who has ever met him can immediately tell. I am grateful to have had his friendship lo these many years, and look forward to continuing it for many years to come (even though in our new jobs we are technically, sort-of competitors). If he has any major flaws at all, it is that he shares (with me) a rather strange sense of humor that expresses itself (at times) in odd ways. AND, for the record, he is VERY good at keeping secrets.

    Q: What's your new contact info?

    A: I will post my official Binary Tree email and such here when it's all set up. Otherwise, if necessary, I can be reached after 2/8 via email, bbalaban AT gee em a eye ell DOT com.

    (Need expert application development architecture/coding help? Contact me at: bbalaban,
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