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      Programmable embedded views - The Freeman Way

      Bob Balaban  July 17 2007 11:29:26 AM
      Greetings, Geeks!

      Here is yet another example of the diversity and endless originality of the Notes/Domino developer community.

      Our colleague Nathan Freeman has figured out a way to embed framesets in Notes forms, and how to embed "programmable" views as well.

      Check it out --

      1Thomas Schulte  07/24/2007 5:33:55 AM  Programmable embedded views - The Freeman Way

      Yes Nathan did a great job to figure that out.

      BUT and this is a serious but, while it is another proof that a real good (one of the best) developer is able to somehow work around the limits Domino/Notes forces upon you, it is also a proof that it is waaay to complex for the not so gifted to to the same thing.