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    The difference between "Duh!" and "D’oh!" (It got around to me...) - revised

    Bob Balaban  January 31 2009 07:19:31 AM
    Greetings Geeks!

    Here's the difference: "Duh" is a shorthand label that means "that was obvious".
                                              "D'oh!" tends to mean either "that was stupid", or "that sure was a surprise!"

    In a surprising (to me) phone call from my manager at Binary Tree on Thursday (29th), I was informed that I was to be laid off from the company.

    Yesterday (30th) was my last day of employment at Binary Tree.

    Because of the current economic climate, I've decided to pursue contracting opportunities for a while. I was able to re-create Looseleaf Software online (love that Internet!), but no web site yet (some things take longer than others). Got some nibbles already, I'm hopeful this will work out well.

    Thanks to everyone who has already sent me messages of support, I really appreciate it.

    Stay warm, it's COLD out there!
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