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    Bob Balaban  August 14 2008 07:28:31 PM
    Greetings, Geeks!

    Good news (for me, anyway)! I get to attend UKLUG! The people who pay me, Binary Tree, are a sponsor, and will have a ped (or table, or booth, or however they set it up) at the show.

    Unfortunately they ran out of speaker slots before I could get one, so I won't be presenting a session. However, the kind/generous/ organizers were nice enough to offer me the unique (to me, anyway) chance to host the "Gurupalooza"panel, which,of course, I immediately accepted. This should be fun.

    I had another idea that is still in the brainstorming stages -- I'd love to get some feedback on it. Can't promise that it will happen, of course, but what about this:

    I'd like to organize a "Speakers Roundtable" kind of get-together. The basic idea is along the lines of a Lotusphere BOF, except more collective. We'd get a bunch of the conference speakers together in a big room, each with a table to sit at. Attendees could come and sit, chat, ask questions, etc., move around, maybe talk to some people they wouldn't normally talk to.

    And, since the "official" conference space is both limited and expensive, it was suggested that maybe the venue could be one of the local pubs..........

    So, discuss! Good idea? Bad idea? Anyone who lives or works in the area willing to help organize it? (We'll come up with a suitable reward, I assure you).

    Hope to see you there!