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    Why This Blog? (I got a new job)

    Bob Balaban  April 2 2007 08:23:04 AM
    Although I'm writing this on April 1, rest assured that I am not kidding.

    A couple of weeks ago I guest-blogged on the popular site belonging to my good friend and colleague, Rocky Oliver.

    In the post I described the new job I have taken on within the Notes/Domino development organization (Programming Services Architect), and described my (self-imposed) overall mission as follows:

    I want to make Notes and Domino a kick-ass appdev platform again

    It was really gratifying to see the enthusiasm this statement provoked in the blogosphere and among our valued Business Partners and ISVs.

    I said on Rocky's site that my job is to identify and address important areas of improvement in the programmability space for both Notes (client) and Domino (server). I said then that I would NOT enumerate those areas ("Issues", whatever) right away.

    Which brings me to this post, here. Several of my IBM colleagues recommended that I start a blog. I didn't want to at first, it felt like too much typing, might cut into my sleep time. Eventually I realized (I tend to follow Rocky's advice  when he forces me to pay attention to the obvious) that having a blog would actually help me do my new job more effectively.

    So, my mission for this blog is to gather input from the AppDev Community out there on where the big points of pain are with our platform. I also plan to test-drive some ideas on what we (IBM) might (or might not) do in some of these areas, and get your reactions. This is an open forum, so I won't be revealing anything confidential here, and I don't want you, dear readers, to go posting anything confidential here either. If you have something confidential to say to me, send me email (bob UNDERSCORE balaban AT us DOT ibm DOT com).

    I will need LOTS of help. I need a cabal (but that has negative connotations), a sect (very negative connotations), a faction, a fan base with whom to brainstorm, work out solutions and help prioritize. I need YOU!

    I plan a series of "What if...?" postings about Notes and Domino technology, centered of course on programmability. These will probably be mingled with postings on more general questions, ideas and RFHs (Requests for Help).

    Welcome Programmability Faction! (Maybe I'll use: "Greetings, Geeks!")

    Let the discussion begin!